Improving credit worthiness

Posted: August 15th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Knowing what creditworthiness is we can think on how to increase it, and thus improve our chances of obtaining credit, which is not so easy when we have a five-digit sums divided into several monthly installments to repay. One should take care of a good credit history, but of course if You would like to take out a loan just within a few days it may be already too late.

~jjjohn~ / photo on flickr

~jjjohn~ / photo on flickr

However, if you are just thinking about it remember to pay all installments, bills, fines, fees, etc.on time, best would be even to pay a little ahead of schedule, to avoid the risk that payment will be delivered to the recipient after the deadline. To improve your credit worthiness is also worth to take other steps to help us to obtain a positive verification and so we can be tempted to close unused credit cards and minimize their use to the minimum.

Similar is the case with all kinds of debit limits, which is good to pay off and close before applying for a loan. If we do so, then you might want to pay off your existing loans and liabilities prior to the date that do not affect in any way our current credit rating. We may also ask a family member to take with a mortgage together, it is worth paying attention that he will also be checked, and that this may not be the person having too many years, for obvious reasons. In addition, if you want to improve your chances, you can always use the services of financial advisors who will be able to analyze your case very carefully and advise you on your individual situation.

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