How to wipe the furniture?

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Cleaning the furniture should be done regularly. It is not difficult, if you have furniture with easy to clean surfaces and few things that lie on top. If, however, you have unusual furniture, their cleaning and care can be very difficult.

Photo credit: Living Room Furniture /

Photo credit: Living Room Furniture /

Painted furniture can be cleaned with a cloth, soaked in soapy water with the addition of a liquid dishwashing detergent, or ammonia, without any abrasives, or you can use water with bran. Cleaning products should be rinsed thoroughly, then you can wipe the surface of the furniture until it’s dry. You can also use a solution made from 200 ml denatured alcohol and several drops of ammonia.

Waxed wood can be dusted and waxed and once it’s dry you can polish it. Natural wood can be wiped with a soft cloth along the rings, several times a year, with a 24% hydrogen peroxide, so that it doesn’t darken. Ash wood can be wiped with chamois moistened with water and well wrung, then it needs to wiped dry. To clean walnut wood you can use paraffin; leave it on the surface of the furniture until it is absorbed and then polish it. For ebony glistening you can use linen oil. The oil needs to be applied on the surface and left until it is absorbed; then you can polish it with a soft cloth. You clean hard to reach places with a small brush. French polish can be washed with water and soap and then remove the grease by smearing cut lemon on it, then rinse it and wipe it dry.

In order to glossing the surface, wipe with a solution consisting of water with the addition of 2-3 spoons of ammonia and several drops of a window cleaner. Then wipe it dry. Iron elements can be dusted with brushes, then wiped with cloths saturated with paraffin, which will prevent rusting. Varnished iron can be washed with water with the addition of cleaning detergents that do not contain abrasive ingredients. Remember to always rinse them and dry them after cleaning.

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