How to wear sequins

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Contrary to appearances, sequins can be worn not only during the carnival. They look great both in the evening edition, as well as with the casual clothes. Of course, that really depends on how rational we will be on how many sequins we are wearing. This is why we would like to suggest on, how to wear sequins to not overdo it and do not look cheesy.

Patrick Hoesly / photo on flickr

Patrick Hoesly / photo on flickr

Recently, dresses decorated with sequins  are a real hit. Even just a few of those small trinkets can make the most simple and boring dressinto the evening creation. Straight fit is the key to success . Dress with a classic style, even drowning in sequins, will be percived as elegant at any party. This outfit is unlikely to be worn every day, but you can “sneak in” embellished with sequins clothes even to work. If sequins are glittering only at the top of creation, you can cleverly hide them under the jacket or sweater. Sequin top is unlikely to be appropriate on a daily basis, but the party is a perfect setting. It will fit both the leggings, skinny jeans or elegant, black pants.. With sequins costume jewelry is no longer necessary.

However, you may want to experiment with an interesting style or color of the top. Accessorieswith  sequins are really interesting. They perfectly complement the carnival style and enliven everyday attire. For the party, you can, for example, wear a sequin heel, or for a  ball take with you a sequined clutch in hand. In the office you can wear jacket with pinned  sequin brooch. It is very important to select the right accessory for the occasion. Do you like loose, urban style? It would not hurt to spice it up sometimes touch of elegance. Consider decorating with sequins, classic sneakers or sequin pattern on a sports jacket. This shiny detail will fit perfectly even in sporty style.

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