How to wear red colour

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Fire red than any other color can attract attention and emphasize femininity and add a bit of a sexy nature. This color is timeless, so you do not have to worry about that it will become unfashionable. So if you want to learn how to become a sexy lady in red, follow our advice on how to wear red. Red is uneven to red.

Bert Kaufmann / photo on flickr

Bert Kaufmann / photo on flickr

There is a lot of shades of the hot color, and not all of them fit into any type of beauty. So if you want to look in a red dress really well, choose a shade that will emphasize your beauty. The easiest way has the owner of two extreme skin colors – white porcelain and black. You do not have to worry about the tones of red –which is better for them, because virtually all of them fit.  However, not only the skin color have to match the right shade of red. Also very important is what’s color of your hair.  Brunette with a swarthy complexion will present stunning in dark red, the color of the wine, after falling into purple.

However, blondes with fair skin should beware of brick-tones. If you overdo with the bathwater sun or solarium, you better give up the red dress. You will look like a victim of severe burns. The red color does not look too preferably in combination with a dark tan, particularly the artificial. Red feels at home in the company of black, so you can wear crimson dresses to wear black heels, and jacket.  As for other colors, orange and fuchsia presents nicely. The second color should be restricted more to for accessories. If the additives are mentioned, it is better not to overdo them, being dressed in a color, that already attracts so much attention. Generally, however, jewelry should be rather modest and delicate, the same applies to bags. Or maybe you simply put on the lipstick in the same shade? The choice is yours.

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