How to wear hats

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Hat can be an interesting and stylish addition to your outfit. But you need to know how to wear hats, not to make any fashion mishaps. So we suggest, what to do in order to look in the hat really trendy and elegant. First of all, pay attention whether your hat is well-suited to the rest of your outfit in terms of both style and color.

faith goble / photo on flickr

faith goble / photo on flickr

Most important, however, is that hat fits you. Otherwise it would cause more harm than good. If you’re a petite person, under any circumstances, do not assume a wide brimmed hat, because you will “drown” in it. Similarly, Ladies with more massive body shape should give up the little hats. Also, note whether the hat is not overwhelmed by your beauty or visually impairs facial proportions. Style of the hat definitely has to match to the style of the dress and occasion you wear it, otherwise you’ll look as if for a costume party. For everyday dress wear peaked caps and berets. The classic trench coat style will become with a fedora hat. However, if you want a little bit of extravagance in the form of fur, a toque and a wide-brimmed hats will present ideally.

Very important is also the hairstyle. Classic hats suit loosely falling hair . For those with  wide-brimmed hat smooth buns just above the neck or on the side head fit best. If you can afford more elaborate hairstyle try head toque. You should avoding wearing too much accessories, especially if the hat is a key element in styling. You can afford to put delicate and super trendy jewelry and big sunglasses. Decorations, like clothes, should be matched in the same style as the hat. Remember, however, that this hat shall be in addition to an outfit, and not vice versa.

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