How to wear gold jewelry

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For many ladies gold jewelry is associated with trash and they wear it reluctantly. However, gold is still the noblest of metals, it can look really beautiful and dignified. Of course,  provided that we know how to wear gold jewelry. We suggest, therefore, what are the perfect occasions to wear this kind of ornaments.

Caucas' / photo on flickr

Caucas’ / photo on flickr

Despite appearances, the gold looks well not only in the evening, but also in the daytime. Expose your gold chain or necklace,  assuming an appropriate blouse or top. If you want to show off with your chain, V-shaped necklace is the most suitable. On a short necklace wear a shirt with a small neckline, for example, in the little boat. Gold necklaces and chains present  wonderfully also with diamonds or American neckline . Remember, however, that if your shirt is richly decorated,  it is better to give up gold ornaments on the neck.  However, you can then think of earrings.

The key to a glamorous look in the gold jewelry is moderation. Sets have been long gone discarded. It is best to put on one decoration, no more than two.  Adjust  the right kind of jewelery to your body.  If you are petite, you will look well in the larger ornaments, and fluffy ladies should choose a rather delicate jewelry. Gold enjoys the company of both warm and cool colors. Looks best in combination with black, white, navy blue, dark green, pastel, red, orange, beige, brown. Accessories made of gold will look simply fantasctically to tanned skin.

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