How to wear bright colors

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Vivid, saturated colors can liven up many ourfits, but it should demonstrate a good sense of style, so as not to overdo it and do not look motley and cheesy. Therefore, we advise how to wear bright colors to present not only colorful, but trendy and classy in them.  For several seasons designers offer us combination of color which seem to simply not match – blue to green, pink to red, red to blue, and so on.

malik ml williams / photo on flickr

malik ml williams / photo on flickr

However, in this madness is the method –  provided that we put on an intense, juicy shades. Red with pink gives a very sweet, feminine combination, magenta dress together with the red coat is so perfect kit for a date for the event, and even to work. Shoes and accessories of such colored clothes should be already decorated in soft, beige colors, but going to a party you can go crazy and decide, for example fit to the intense blue handbag. Green and bile associated a bit with the national flag of Brazil, also brings a wave of spring and awakening to our everyday lives and nature.

Such a set of color will be suitable not only on a warm day, but it will also bring a little sunshine in autumn – winter gray skies. So if you want add the energy in the next chilly morning, wear green – yellow outfit and you will immediately feel better. Other fashion bright colors comibations are magenta pink with orange and deep purple with intense blue or in the bile. Such mixtures are currently quite popular. However, the true oracle, which will determine whether the colors match to your beauty is you and … your mirror. Generally, it is better not to choose more than two intense colors, so as not to overdo it and do not motley look like a parrot.

If you are not sure whether the selected colors that you chose do not bite each other, go for one of them and set it with a neutral black or white – so simple treatment will certainly help you to avoid fashion blunders. Wearing clothes in angry tones doesn’t suit you? Do not give up, to itroduce trendy, strong color to your styling – instead of clothes go for colorful accessories. This can be a belt, shoes, purse, oreven jewelry. By introducing such a colorful accent come alive even the most boring and monotonous styling.

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