How to wear a scarf

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Accessories, Clothes

Scarf is an interesting addition to the woman’s wardrobe. You can wear it in a classic way, tied around his neck, but there are other, original ways. We advise how to wear a scarf to look stylish and fashionable. An interesting gadget that you can use, are beads or holes in the scarf that are large enough to be able to freely drag the handkerchief.

Hamed Saber / photo on flickr

Hamed Saber / photo on flickr

To tie scarves won’t be necessary then. If you can match their color to an outfit, I’m sure you’ll look great. Who said that the scarf can be worn around the neck only? Colorful scarf adds the charm to your purse. Wrap it around your purse strap. In this way the bag will gain a unique character. Scarf can successfully replace the belt in your trousers. If the sling is too short, you can pull it through a few loops and tie bow.

Use scarves as hairbands. Just tie your forehead with a handkerchief and tie it at the neck. You can also tie the scarf on your hair, replacing your wristband. If the scarf is large enough you can make a top from it, perfect for a party or on the beach. It’s easy, just form a handkerchief in a triangle, holding it into your breas with its longest side and bind together the ends at the back.

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