How to wear a bandanna

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Accessories, Clothes

Bandanna is a kind of a scarve in a typical oriental design. It is an interesting addition to a costume, you can wear it in many different ways, it can adapt virtually to any style of dress. If you want to know  how to wear a bandanna, here are some interesting ideas.

Lorena Cupcake / photo on flickr

Lorena Cupcake / photo on flickr

Traditionally, very popular is wearing a bandanna folded in half and bound in the back of the head. Thisway to wear scarves still enjoys great popularity,  among both women and men. Ladies can also use the bandanna to  tie hair or do it yourself with the band in the of pin-up style. Bandanna can adorn the neck. Just as you place it in the triangle and bind loosely behind. Bandanna works well in the role of wrist bands. You can replace belt with the bandana. Its sizes are unlikely to allow to tie it around the hips, but you can drag it by only a few loops and tie in a bow. Your pants at once will gain unique style.

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