How to wash white curtains?

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For washing curtains, use washing powder for white clothes and use only low washing temperatures, i.e. 30 – 40 degrees C. Curtains stored in drawers can be wrapped in blue paper and this will prevent them from turning yellow.

Photo credit: Bmw Spirit / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Bmw Spirit / Foter / CC BY

The grease from kitchen curtains can be washed by adding a spoon of dishwashing liquid to the laundry. For regular laundry you can use baking soda. Stores offer a variety of special cleaning products for curtains: special salts and bleachers. After washing with such products, curtains will smell good and look nice. The label has all the instructions.

Curtains can be washed in an automatic washing machine, but it’s safer to wash them manually. Before washing fold them in a brick, then place them in their case and wash in a washing machine, after setting the program for delicate fabrics. It is safer to wash them manually, though. Before washing beat the dust off the curtains, fold them evenly and immerse them in water for one hour in a bleaching washing powder solution. Remember that before immersing the curtains, you need to dissolve the powder in water and that the washing temperature must not exceed 40 degrees C. Kitchen curtains and those in places where cigarette smoke is present should be immersed in water for a longer period of time, even couple of hours. If the water is dirty then you have to change it and pour a new portion of the powder.

After immersion, the curtains need to be kneaded a little, then washed and rinsed 2-3 times with a lot of lukewarm water. In order to prevent curtains from absorbing dirt and maintain their lovely shape, you can add starch for the last rinsing as well as a bleacher or salt for rinsing the curtains. Once all the water drips from them, moist curtains can be hanged and dried. Cotton curtains need to be dried on towels.

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