How to wash the curtains?

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Curtains need to be vacuumed once a month. You do not need to take them off. Just clean them by using a vacuum cleaner with a round brush on its tip. You can also use a feather duster.

Photo credit: notsogoodphotography / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: notsogoodphotography / Foter / CC BY

The curtains in the living room should be washed several time a year. Before washing, check the labels from the manufacturer. Curtains usually have a label. If they are custom made, then you have to check the kind of a fabric used. Depending on this, you can either wash the curtains manually, in a washing machine, or in a professional chemical laundry. If the curtains can be washed in water, set the program for delicate clothes on your washing machine.

Curtains from the living room can often seem thick and strong, but they are fragile due to sunshine absorbed. Be careful when you dry the curtains, especially if the washing machine uses its own dryer. If you set the program to drying in low temperatures, you will prevent kneading of the material. High temperature may damage the fabric. You can take away the curtains before drying and dry them by yourself. You might avoid the need for ironing them this way. If the curtains are not dirty, you can beat the dust off them and then immerse them in clean water and eventually dry them. Curtains that can be washed in water (colored, single toned) should be dusted first and immersed in cold water for a night.

Wash the curtains in lukewarm water with soap and rinse them several times, until water is completely clean. For the last rinsing you can add vinegar (1 spoon per 1 liter of water). Wring it and hang it for drying, then iron it if necessary. If the fabric has a pattern it is always advisable to do a test and see if it is suitable for wet cleaning.

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