How to walk in high heels

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Accessories, Clothes

Each lady knows that walking in the high  heels with grace sometimes requires a truly acrobatic skills. Despite it, you should master the art of walking in heels, because this is probably most feminine and sexy item of clothing. Here is a brief guide that will tell you how to walk in high heels.

Andrea Rinaldi / photo on flickr

Andrea Rinaldi / photo on flickr

First of all, you need to start training at home, especially if this will be your first pair of heels. First, let’s look at the right shoes. Ideally, they should not have perfectly smooth soles because it significantly hinders the balance. If your heels have that dangerous sole , you can she increase it traction by rubbing it with some sharp instrument, or sticking a piece of double-sided adhesive tape. Now, we are ready to work on your steps. It should be very natural.

Stand with your foot starting with heel to toe, not vice versa. Take but small but not very quick steps, it is completely normal that you will not  go as fast as in the trainers while wearing heels. While strolling around, relax hips and gently sway them, staggering “eight”. It would be good to use for your first “training” shoes which have some strengthening of the ankle to protect them from twisting. The perfect ones will be boots t, or at least sandals with an ankle stripe. These shoes will also enable you to make more decisive, natural steps.

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