How to visually lengthen the legs

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Legs to the neck –this is a dream of every woman. But not all of us are the happy owners.  However, you can effectively deal with this problem by using some clever fashion tricks So we suggest, how to visually lengthen the legs. Are you wearing pants every day? Be sure to select the right one matched to your style.


mskathryn / photo on flickr

mskathryn / photo on flickr

Namely, the model of wide, straight leg, falling on the shoes, advisably high-heeled shoes. If you can show off shapely legs, choose a sexy, fit leggings or narrow-leg pants in a dark color, but under no circumstances – hipsters. It’s been long time since they are not fashionable and more importantly your body will not look good in them. Also keep in mind the principle that vertical elements are slimming, so search for trousers with additives: pockets and patterns. The so-called harem or harem pants are trendy, but these are not pants for you. Rather than extend, they will shorten legs even more. Do you like dresses and skirts? Designed for you are those cut under bust. They will add you a few inches, but also permit the breast look nicely.

If your legs are shapely,  do not hesitate to show them in short dresses and skirts.  As for the skirt, ideal for you will be the one in the shape of the letter A or pencil, with higher waist. It is fashionable,  elegant and it will visually add inches to the feet. Avoid skirts – hipsters and geometric dresses in retro style. For sure it will not be surprising that high-heeled shoes can visually lengthen the legs.  However, the heel itself is not enough. You should also  select the appropriate design. Go ahead and choose the pumps, but not for you are sandals with a strap around the ankle. Regarding boots, you will not look favorably in mid-calves length boots. The best length is just below or above the knee. If you feel bad in highheels, especially for you there were designed wedges. They are much more comfortable, and this is super trendy.

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