How to visually enlarge your butt

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Health Care

Full, round bum is a true symbol of femininity. Yet few of us can boast of a beautiful, shapely buttocks. However, there are some simple ways to overcome it.  So if you do not know how visually enlarge the butt, be sure to check out our tips.

memoflores / photo on flickr

memoflores / photo on flickr

First of all, choose a suitable fashionable pants. The best will be perfectly tailored jeans, preferably with a high waist. Generally, you should wear pants in bright colors or with lighter sweeps around the buttocks. Also notice back pockets, they also play a very important role in the formation of your bottom. They should be as small as possible, preferably look for pockets with soft, rounded shapes, no sharp angles.

Try to avoid pockets with geometric shapes. If you can not find the right model, select one that is completely devoided of any pockets at the back.  A great panache pants for you are also a fashionable harem pants.  Do you like to walk in skirts? Tailor-made for you is the bauble skirt. You’ll look great in a skirt a cut in the shape of the letter A. Look out for skirts that have frills or embroidery around the buttocks.

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