How to use clothes to hide protruding belly

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Health Care

The protruding belly is a real nightmare for many of us. It makes feel no good in clothes and forces us to wear ugly dresses, the so called “bags.” But you’re not doomed to wear unattractive costumes, just some clever tricks to look and you will manage to look great.  Therefore we advise how to use clothes to hide protruding belly.

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Perfect for you are loose dresses and tunics, the best cut under the bust. They are comfortable and practical, in addition they are diverting attention from abdomen focusing the alluring breasts. Therefore, you should choose blouses with deep necklines. They should not be matched to the body, followed by a loosely “run down”. If you do not like long blouses and tunics, choose those which have semi-circular bottom. As for the patterns, of course, vertical bars are the most desirable. Besides choose rather casual, darker colors. Forget the tight, tailored trousers – tubes and hipsters.

A good idea is high-waisted trousers, which flattens the tummy. But you have to check if they do not hamper movements and the belly does not “get fired up” from the pants when you sit down. It looks very unattractive. Give up the clothes in large patterns, vertical stripes, as well as those made of shimmering fabrics and clinging to the body. When it comes to supplements, a good idea is a strip. Do not screw it at the waist, this will prevent you from breathing. Create a wider, preferably rubber strap, fastening it loosely around the hips. You can also consider the slimming underwear – high-waisted briefs, corset, tights, petticoat. Underwear model your figure nicely, thanks to it you’ll look like a thinner person in all clothes.

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