How to travel cheap by plane

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Several years ago a plane ticket cost a lot of money and not everyone could afford it. Today one can find a ticket for a dozen or even a few dollars. Sometimes it is cheaper to get to Norway or the Mediterranean than drive to the Baltic Sea or in the Polish mountains. What tips should we bear in mind if we want our tickets to remain cheap and were not charged any additional fees? First of all, you should start with a search engine links.

betta design / photo on flickr

betta design / photo on flickr

On the Internet, there are plenty of websites that deal with searching for flights and allow us to even book a ticket online. But they’ll never be able to match the offer presented directly by the carrier. It is best to first look directly at the airline. Also, do not think that You will depart and come back exactly on the day that we planned. If you want to buy a cheap ticket, you have to be flexible and adjust to the schedule of the carrier. Only in this case, we will pay less. Hunt for promotions.

Low cost airlines are governed by its own rules and do not apply where terms such as Last-minute or first minute. Promotions appear almost at random. You should spend some time to find and buy a ticket. The same ticket is worth paying the appropriate credit card that offers us some discount or exemption from certain fees. There are a large amount, but if you really bargain ticket prices, can cost more than the fee for return. The last important rule is small luggage. In general, paying little we can bring up to 10 pound carry-on luggage of a certain size. This is not a problem if you go to sunny Spain for example, but if you want to get a little warmer clothes in larger quantities to fit within this limit can be a problem and for extra luggage you will have to pay extra.

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