How to tie a scarf and neckerchief

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Freezing temperatures outside force us to wear layers of warm clothes, such as a hat, gloves, scarf or scarves. If the latter, we could use a scarf not only to protect the neck from the cold, but also to look fashionable and original. Read our advice and you will learn how to tie a scarf to stand out from the crowd. Scarf does not have to be boring. You can tie it up in such a way that will successfully replace your jewelry.

๑۩ﺴ ♡ lydia ♡ ﺴ۩๑ / photo on flickr

๑۩ﺴ ♡ lydia ♡ ﺴ۩๑ / photo on flickr

Most suitable for this purpose is soft, long scarf. Hold the scarf at one end and fold piece, so that the loop is formed. Pass your hand through it and drag other end of the scarf slightly so as to form a further loop. To do this, repeat until you have a sort of chain. The ends should ne tied on the neck. Throw a scarf on your neck, and wrap it around the neck twice. Then drag one end of the scarf through the loop, which have been arisen around the neck and tie the other end of the knot. Slightly relax scarf to hide his bond. As in the previous example, wrap the scarf around the neck and drag the end of the loop.Repeat it until you have a tight circle around the neck. Create scarf on the neck, loop it around your neck once, and then pass through the resulting smaller loop and drag the other end of the scarf.  Now we will learn a few ways of forming scarves interestingly.

We will need rather large, square shawl. Make a neckerchief  diagonally, so as to form a triangle. Grasp the ends and bind them around your neck, with a triangle forward. Then thread the ends forward and tie in a knot. Remove the material from the bottom to hide a bond. A kind of golf should be a result. Another idea is a bond with smaller scarves. Make a scarf on half and then again in half diagonally. Then insert the scarf neck and tie the ends in front of a nice knot. There will create a type of decorative collar. Now, the proposed bond combine with the use of the rope pearls or beads. The resulting decoration will provide an interesting and elegant fashion accessory. Just that, make a handkerchief in a thin strip, and then sew it with string of beads. Such decoration tie on the neck in a small knot.

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