How to tell the truth about St. Nicholas to your child

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In the life of every child it comes a time when he or she needs to know a violent truth about the existence of a friendly bearded man, Santa Claus. How to explain to the child the truth about St. Nicholas and continue to enjoy the unique atmosphere and magic of Christmas?

David Blackwell. / photo on flickr

David Blackwell. / photo on flickr

Prepare yourself before conversation with the child. Remember the story of the Bishop of Myra, you can tell it in an interesting way. If your child already know the true story, patiently listen to what he or she  thinks. Reply to  all theirquestions. Tell them that Santa Claus loved all children and to commemorate this day, children receive gifts from people who love them.

Explain, too, that gifts do not have to be expensive, because it is important the gesture itself, the desire to give  someone else pleasure. Remember, that telling the truth about Santa Claus, to a large extent depends on your child’s age. When your baby is still tiny and there is no possibility that he or she gets to know about the truth, for example, from  school, you might want to  hold them in this sweet ignorance. Think of your own childhood and magic, which you associated Christmas with. Let your child feel the magic as long as possible.

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