How to take care of your skin during Christmas period

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In the middle of the Christmas preparations you rarely have time to nurture your own beauty. Each of us, however, wants to sit down to Christmas table beaming with beauty, with no signs of fatigue. It is possible; just apply a few simple steps, that will not prevent you from doing Christmas preparations. You only need to give five minutes to make your skin look young and bright.

ArloMagicMan / photo on flickr

ArloMagicMan / photo on flickr

Make a scrub that removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin to receive nutrients from the mask, which you can also prepare yourself. You can buy already made in a store, or prepare it from products available in your kitchen. You can always do the Christmas chores with a mask on your face. On the end, pat into the skin of Face and neck a nourishing cream, preferably the one containing fruit acids. When your face is pleasantly smooth and nourished, it’s time for your body. For exfoliating scrub, you can use the the sugar or salt, which  you have when preparing holiday pastries.

This procedure, can be done in the shower, it will not take much time. 10 minutes is enough to do the scrub and pat into the body a nourishing, intensely moisturizing lotion. \ Now take care of the hands that were tortured while washing the dishes, wiping dust and scrubbing floors. As a result of these chores, especially if you did not use gloves, your hands skin is rough and dry, very unpleasant to touch. To deal with this, find the serum at the drug store, designed specifically for damaged hands. The use of this cosmetic will take you just a few seconds, and the effects  will be seen immediately. However, if you are looking for long-term results, use this treatment regularly. You can also use it at night – apply a thick layer of hand cream and put on thin, cotton gloves. In the morning your skin will be silky smooth and moisturized.

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