How to spend Christmas alone

Posted: August 14th, 2013 | Author: | Accessories

Upcoming Christmas is certainly not a the most pleasant time for single people. While everyone is running to the shops and deal with the Christmas preparations, you wonder how to endure this nightmare. Be sure to read this article and not only survive the lonely Christmas, but perhaps enjoy it. Who said it is essential to spend Christmas in the company?


Darwin Bell / photo on flickr

Darwin Bell / photo on flickr

Think about what you would prefer, if instead alone would choose to spend the holidays with someone you do not like? In your own company you will certainly do much better. You can spend it anyway you like. This is your advantage, you do not have to adapt to preferences of other people, you can do anything, whatever you want. Consider to take these days off from work, just for yourself Prepare your favorite dishes, read a good book, take a long, relaxing bath by a candlelight. Feel comfortable in your own company. Do you prefer the traditional way of spending Christmas?

Nobody forbids you to wear your best clothes,  decorate the Christmas tree, or even engulf yourself in 12 traditional dishes. Tradition does not require the company of other people. If you lack the other people around, go to midnight mass. Or maybe you should use the internet to find companionship for Christmas? On the network you will surely find a lot of people who like you spend Christmas alone. It would be nice to talk to someone even virtually, maybe find this way a beginning of friendship.

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