How to spend a successful New Year’s Eve with kids

Posted: August 14th, 2013 | Author: | Children

The arrival of the New Year is a very important event not only for you, but also for your kids. If you plan to spend New Year’s Eve with a child, we prepared special ideas, so the farewell of the old year exhilarating fun. Most important is to plan everything. Determine where you will be staying for New Year’s Eve, and how many guests you should invite. The best idea is to organize an event at your home. You will not have the problem with putting to sleep your tired kids.

chuckp / photo on flickr

chuckp / photo on flickr

Invite your friends, along with children, ideally, if they are of a similar age. Plan the New Year’s Eve menu. Food does not have to be complicated, choose the one that can be  prepared together with your children. Kids will love  participating in the preparation of their party. You can, for example, prepare a large pizza with lots of ingredients, colorful finger foods, fruit, beautifully decorated cookies. Do not forget about supply of non-alcoholic champagne. Together with children decorate the flat with balloons and streamers. Prepare  confetti and colorful hats for the guests.

As you know, during the New Year’s Eve the most important is exhilarating fun. For the kids who may fall asleep with even before the New Year, prepare an interesting game and entertainment, such as karaoke. Prepare minor prizes for children. You can use for a game some of the balloons.  In every corner of the room put one balloon in a different color. Then, turn on the music and ask the children to dance in its rhythm. When the music stops, call, for example, “green” and all children have to run to the right place. Another interesting idea for New Year’s Eve game is guessing the flavors. Prepare small pieces of foods, cover the children’s eyes and give them the food to try. Children have to guess what they eat. Prepare as much games as possible including New Year’s Eve so the event will not become boring before the New Year.

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