How to shape the figure with underwear

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Clothes

Underwear, although not visible, has an extremely important role. Not only warms and protects the private parts of the body, but also helps to shape figure so that you can look great in any outfit, even if you gained several additional pounds. However, to achieve the perfect effect you have to know how to shape the figure with clothes. / photo on flickr / photo on flickr

Here are some practical tips. A great number of women, even those that are slim and slender figure, complain about the protruding belly, which can not be masked in any other way than by wearing loose, baggy clothes. However, if you wear formfitting, you do not have to give them up. Thanks to this professional panties, holding the special front pad of a stiffened material which flattens belly and controls its size.

Underwear is comfortable and does not restrict moves, you’ll feel it right even after a hearty dinner. If Your problem except the belly is forming a very unattractive “spare tyre”, perfect for you are pants, built to the the bust line. Great slim silhouette, plus check feminine waistline. A great option is a corset, which also helps you to shape the bust. You think your bum is too big? Create special shorts with longer legs that will take away your buttocks good few inches. Well-chosen shorts have no right to be present even under pants, made of very thin material. If you complain about the lack of women’s curves, especially for you there are created figs, with walkways through which your bum will achieve shapely, sexier look.

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