How to rent an apartment

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If we do not use our apartment is worth considering what to do with it. Unused flat is very easy to  neglect and can become a pain in the neck on which we will charge the money, and we will not even use it. Apartment retains good condition much longer if it is used and well-maintained. Therefore, if you do not want to think about selling, then consider renting an apartment to tenants. To obtain concrete results a few important things should be kept in mind.

Nebojsa Mladjenovic / photo on flickr

Nebojsa Mladjenovic / photo on flickr

First of all, pay attention to the price. You should make some calls to people who have bid in a similar location as to figure out the situation. Our price cannot be too low and we cannot earn a lot as well, because the prospective tenant will go to the competition. We should also find out if the area is not located in the vicinity of some universities to know whether the living area is quite popular among students. We should also think about announcement or advertisement. First of all, pay attention to the information page and linguistic correctness. The notification should include the approximate address the district in which it is located, number of rooms and their schedule, contact information and preferred contact hours (we do not want anyone to have been regularly struck us when we are at work), or charge a security deposit if the apartment is furnished, the apartment is heated, and if we have the opportunity to also include pictures it would be a good idea. Despite the fact that many people do not do this to avoid taxes, a good owner should also sign a lease. This allows both parties have a degree of protection of their interests and rights.

The fact that we have tenants does not mean that we will be exempt from taking care of the apartment. Sometimes tenants choose to repair something at his own expense and replace supplies. Such situation should be treated independently, but very often tenants will deal with them alone. Also, do not overdo the visits, the tenants have their own lives, and the owner of the apartment is for them most often a stranger. Some prefer no to change that the situation and they have every right to do so.

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