How to renew old Christmas decorations

Posted: August 14th, 2013 | Author: | Accessories, Occasional

Christmas is coming and you wish you had money for  a new set of Christmas tree decorations? We suggest, how to renew a whole new ornaments from  the old decorations. In order to refresh the old Christmas baubles you can use loose glitter. Just draw with the glue a chosen pattern on the surface of the bauble and sprinkle it with glitter.

Today is a good day / photo on flickr

Today is a good day / photo on flickr

The effect will be more visible  if you cut shapes from double-sided adhesive tape and then sprinkle it with glitter. Fancy shapes on the bauble can also be created with graffiti. Cut out from the adhesive tape a pattern, then stick it to the surface of glass balls and spray it with a spray paint. When the paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape.

To decorate the old Christmas balls you can use satin or velvet ribbons. You may freely link, or attach them with a glue. Do not do the boring bows, use your imagination and create something original. If you have old, clear glass balls, you have a big room to maneuver. You can attach to it, for example, a branch of mistletoe, colorful beads, bells, feathers, or whatever  comes to your mind and creates a unique, festive mood.

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