How to remove fungus from the wall?

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Fungi and mold on the walls not only affect the aesthetic look of your room, but also constitute a health hazard. They are especially dangerous for people suffering from allergies.

How to remove fungus from the wall

In order to fight fungi and mold, you need to follow these steps:

  • Identify the causes of excessive moisture (flooding, soaking or poor ventilation)
  • Elimination of the cause of excessive moisture,
  • Drying the room in question
  • Elimination of the fungus,
  • Protection against re-emergence of the fungus.

Eliminating the fungus from the walls is often connected with mechanical cleaning of the surface. If fungus appeared only on the outer layer of the surface, it is enough to delicately remove it with a brush, either wet or dry. If the fungus has developed further and takes up a larger space on the wall, you can try to remove with a small spatula, so that you don’t damage the wall. If you try to remove the fungus with a wet brush, you can use just water or add some chemicals to it. It all depends on what kind of anti-fungal products have been used previously to protect the surface.

If the fungus penetrated the wall deeper, than it is necessary to crush the wall within 1 meter radius off the fungus, sometimes even reaching the brick. Such surface needs to be covered with 2 or 3 layers of anti-fungal chemical. After it dries you can rebuild the crushed wall by applying plaster and painting it. Remember that anti-fungal products are a health hazard and you need to protect yourself while using them. It is recommended to wear a protective mask on your lips and nose, glasses on your eyes and gloves on your hands. You also need to wear a protective clothing. Many anti-mold and anti-fungal products contain chloride, which is harmful to health.

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