How to remove dust from the paintings?

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The oil paintings can be dusted only very delicately, by applying soft cloth made from silk. If it is an old picture of a high value, it is safest to leave it for the conservator to clean it. If the picture is less valuable, you can remove accumulated dust and dirt on your own.

Photo credit: Shakespearesmonkey / / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: Shakespearesmonkey / / CC BY-NC

Fabrics can be cleaned with a sponge soaked in water squeezed out well. After washing off a part of the painting, thoroughly rinse the sponge, to not to distribute the dirt over the entire surface. Another way is washing images a warm,  light beer just the same way as when washing it with water. The old methods include the use of grated raw potatoes, mixed with water. Grate 50 grams of potatoes, pour 4 liters of water, heat it gently, stirring occasionally. Leave it overnight and keep it warm by putting it by the stove, or on a radiator. Wash the painting in the morning with the mixture, still rinsing the sponge.

Images where varnish is preserved in excellent condition, without scratches or cracks, can be wiped with a cloth soaked with a mixture of pure alcohol and turpentine in 1:1 solution. Wipe with circular movements and often change the cloth. Gouaches, watercolors, pastels are often framed in glass. When washing the glass, you should remove the excess of water as soon as possible. Water, that may get on the other side of the glass, can cause damage to the painting. Always remember that you should not hang oil paintings or watercolors in sunny places. Hanging pictures on the wall opposite the window is also not a good idea, because reflected light in the glass and its strong gloss will make it difficult to view the picture.

Frames should be refreshed very carefully to not damage the paintings. The best idea is to cover them with a piece of cardboard or thick paper, in exact size of the painting, and then proceed to clean the frames. Carved wooden frames, can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, but do not do that with golden frames.

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