How to quickly clean your house for holidays

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Christmas is a very stressful time,  bustling around, and various preparations. Cleaning the house is probably the most unpleasant pre-Christmas chores. We tell about how to deal with cleaning quickly and efficiently. Share household chores with loved ones. Assign to each family member a separate task to do. You can even involve  small children, for example, by cleaning dust or setting up things on the shelf. Even this little  help will save you a lot of time.

striatic / photo on flickr

striatic / photo on flickr

If you work and do not have time to complete chores, start  a month before Christmas. Clean  a little every day, and before Christmas you will have very little to finish. Start with planning of what and when you want to do. Prepare the necessary cleaning products, as well as bags and cardboard boxes. Browse through closets and drawers and place into boxes everything you thought it was useful, in reality never used it. Get rid of the junk, and clothes,  shoes packed in cardboard boxes, throw away, or give it out . This way you will have enough space for the things that you really need, and you did not have a place to put them  away.

Tell your child  that he or she has to  clean their room  to make space for new toys, delivered by St. Nicholas. Wash all the rugs, carpets, curtains, blankets and bedspreads. Those that do not fit into the washing machine, are made from sensitive materials, or simply you do not want you to scrub them, take to the chemical laundry. Carpets can be taken care by one of the  specialized companies. Once in a year you need to carefully wipe all the dust, and that period usually falls just before Christmas . With help of your family move all the furniture and sweep  around and underneath. Mop the floors. Pot flowers need to be gently washed under the shower. Do not clean the bathroom and kitchen until the last day, as these are areas are  used  most frequently.

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