How to quickly clean after a party?

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Cleaning after a party is best done in stages. It is worth starting from the hall and then proceed to the rooms in which the party was taking place. Leave bathrooms and kitchens for the end.

Photo credit: 416style / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: 416style / Foter / CC BY

Start by ventilating the rooms, so that you will get rid of all unpleasant smells. Cigarette smoke is especially difficult to remove. In order to enhance the process, you can add 4 spoons of washing soda and several drops of your favorite eternal oil to a pot with boiling water. Removing the stains from wallpapers can be done with a plain rubber or a wet sponge. Dirt on the walls can be removed by using special liquids. You need to mix 3 glasses of vinegar, 6 glasses of warm water and 30 drops of tea plant essential oil. If the stains are on a carpet or upholstery, then all depends on the kind of stain. In order to remove the stain after:

  • Ketchup – wipe with methylated spirits,
  • Butter – sprinkle with potato flour, then clean with a wet sponge,
  • Beer – wipe clean with vinegar, and after 1 hour with a sponge, soaked with scented oil,
  • Lipstick mouth – wipe with a pad soaked in gasoline, or methylated spirit,
  • Tomato sauce – sprinkle talcum powder, and after 24 hours collect it with vacuum cleaner
  • Wine – use 90% alcohol and then wipe with a wet cloth,
  • Fruit – sprinkle with salt, and if that does not work, try rubbing a slice of lemon.
  • Do the vacuuming with your windows open, so that the dust gets out of the room. The dust won’t be settling on furniture or the floor. Remember to beat the dust off from the carpet and cushions.
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