How to properly care for Christmas tree

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After many hours of search you managed to find the perfect Christmas tree. But all good things must come to an end. A tree begins to lose color, lose its needles. To keep it as long as possible in an ideal position to  be beautiful adornment for a long time after Christmas, learn how to care for it accordingly.

Lorenzoclick / photo on flickr

Lorenzoclick / photo on flickr

Even the most beautiful Christmas tree can quickly turn dried stalk, if you do not provide adequate access to water. It is best to obtain a special rack for tree to avoid the risk of falling. Pour the water to the stand ,  where it is directly accessible for the tree. Remember to not chop the trunk before putting the Christmas tree into the water  , because it will reduce  its ability to absorb water. Periodically, check the water level and refill it. Use ordinary tap water, do not add anything.

When you decide get the life tree, you have to remember the fact, that it will not be perfectly symmetrical, as in the case of artificial Christmas tree. So if you think your Christmas tree will look better, trim it slightly . The branches you cut, can be great as a decoration on the table. Set Christmas tree in a place that is not too sunny. It should be also clear from other heat sources –like a radiator, or fireplace. Also, check the lights, which hang on the tree. Ideally,  you should be  using LED technology. Normal lights emit too much heat, and that results in tree drying quickly. It would be good if the room, in which a tree stands, is a bit cool. Ideally, if the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees. This way Christmas tree will retain  its freshness and green color for longer.

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