How to prepare your body for a Christmas feast

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Most of us associate Christmas with  a full of food table  . However,  Christmas treats are generally calorie bombs, so people who care about their shape, have a big problem. There is a simple way to be able to give have a Christmas feast and not gain weight. Preparation for the Christmas feast have to be started long time before it.

Vita Arina / photo on flickr

Vita Arina / photo on flickr

The idea is to learn to control of your eating , so besides avoiding gaining the extra pounds, you will not have a  stomach ache . First of all, eat less but more often. Forget about all snacks, which you have between meals. To  not feel hungry, the interval between meals should not be longer than four hours. Try to limit the processed products, which consist of sugar, fat and salt.

Do not reach for liquid calories in the form of juices and colorful drinks. Replace them with sparkling water and herbal teas. Eat fruits and vegetables often, because they are rich in fiber. Increase your physical activity. This is very important, because during the celebrations most of us do not move, and not spend the whole time sitting down. After the  delicious, festive meal, go for a long walk with your family, rather than get stuck behind a table or a  on the couch watching TV.

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