How to prepare your apartment to be safe for the baby

Posted: August 9th, 2013 | Author: | Children

When in our houses lives a little man, we have to be prepared to change completely its design and functioning. As long as the baby is not yet crawling or walking everything our apartment can  be in the right order and designed according to our taste.

Ben McLeod / photo on flickr

Ben McLeod / photo on flickr

However, when the day in which our baby will make its first steps will finally come, it is time for change. Toddler will want to satisfy its natural curiosity and get everywhere and take a look at everything within its reach. Therefore, on the floor there can be only items that do not cause harm to your child in any way, and in his hands can not be anything a child could grasp, like long tablecloths. Items should be put on the higher shelves, where a little explorer cannot reach.

The furniture in your house must be stable and you need to pay attention to the potted plants that  sometimes have poisonous leaves or flowers. One of the most important issues are  cables and wall sockets. The wall sockets need to be put with special plugs and cables stretching across the floor and you have to hide or keep it  secured in such a way that the child did not have access to them. Children who are to walk would be happy to reach remote control and mobile phone, so they also need to be placed out of reach of kids. Children should not have access to hot pots or sharp objects in the kitchen.



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