How to prepare the fire on the grill?

Posted: August 25th, 2012 | Author: | BBQ

For grilling you can use natural fire kindling for fireplaces. The most popular kindling is a natural kindling chopped into pieces by hand, which includes natural resins.

It offers also wonderful fragrance experiences during grilling, because it produces the smell of the forest. What is more, natural oils from the wood repel insects. Moreover, it is a high-energy and natural kindling without any additional substances. Even after long-term periods of moisture it does not lose its properties.

One pack of the kindling is sufficient for multiple uses. This product does not pose any risk to health, and, what is more, it does not ignite spontaneously nearby heat sources. It can be used to light the fire in barbeques, furnaces, fireplaces and campfires. To light a fire place 2-3 sticks on the bottom and depending on grilling cover them with charcoal or wood and make a fire.

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