How to prepare Karaoke for New Year’s Eve

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Karaoke is a great way to heat up the atmosphere on the New Year’s Eve. So if you are organizing a New Year’s Eve at home, be sure to arrange Karaoke. We give you an advice on how  to choose songs that will encourage guests to sing along. The key of selecting the right musical repertoire is a clear understanding of your friends preferences.

-Dreamflow- / photo on flickr

-Dreamflow- / photo on flickr

Examine the list of invited guests  and think about what kind of music they like. The hard thing is to choose music, if you invited people both from the younger and older generations.Older people are unlikely to appeal to the latest hip – hop songs, and the younger ones are reluctant to the songs, remembering the children years of their parents. You need to find a happy medium that combines the generations. A good alternative will be the biggest hits of the years 80-90, which are known and loved by everyone, regardless of age.

A great idea is to organize a New Year’s Eve party theme, then  you’ll not have any problems with the selection of music – it should be prepared for the chosen theme of the event. You can have a party in the style of Las Vegas, Bollywood, or the the role of your favorite animated characters. There is a plentiful of opportunities. Mix the genres. In fact, there are very few people who find themselves in every repertoire, most of them have their favorite kind of music. Therefore, prepare few CDs with  any genre of music, which are suitable for singing, or buy ready-made mixes. Bet on the most known melodies. The more people will be familiar with the song, the more of them will join the fun.

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