How to prepare grilled marjoram skewers?

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The best skewers are those made of meat of short grilling time: liver, chicken breast, turkey, or pork tenderloin.

Other types of meat of longer grilling time may be minced first and then shaped into meatballs. Bacon is An irreplaceable skewer ingredient because it protects small pieces of meat against excessive drying. Ingredients for skewers should be cut into pieces of similar size in order to have them ready to eat at the same time. Components should be put on thin skewer loosely to be well done in the middle. Carefully selected ingredients provide unique and original taste of skewers; skewers spiced with marjoram and hot pepper can be an exceptional BBQ dish.

Recipe for four people; time of preparation 20 minutes + time of grilling 15 minutes (35 minutes in total). Ingredients: 30 dag of pork tenderloin, 10 dag of smoked ham, 15 dag of Emmental cheese with holes, two red onions, 25 dag of champignons, olive oil, marjoram, ground hot pepper, salt and pepper. Wash meat and then cut it on the board into bigger pieces. Champignons need to be washed, and then cut into thicker slices. Onions should be cut into thicker rings, cheese into cubes and smoked ham in longitudinal slices. Meat need to be put on a skewer alternately with onion, champignons, cheese and smoked ham shaped in rolls.

Everything should be poured with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, pepper, marjoram and ground hot pepper. Skewers should be arranged on aluminium trays and placed on a barbecue. Skewers while grilling need rotating from time to time. They should be served hot and spiced with marjoram.

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