How to prepare for the New Year’s Party at the last minute

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You delayed for the last minute, where you will spend night New Year’s Eve, and then you resign and decide to stay at home, in front of TV. Suddenly, the phone rang and you were invited to a super- New Year’s Eve party. How to prepare for it, when there is very little time left until midnight? Run the shower. Wash your hair and make sure to scrub if you want to show off some skin in your dress.

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State Library and Archives of Florida / photo on

Under shower, use alternating hot and cold water flow. This way you will greatly firm your skin, and you will not need additional treatments. A good idea is to prepare yourself  your clothes and leave it on a hanger in the bathroom. This  will save you time on ironing, because hot steam smoothes the material. Step out of the shower, wipe the body and pat in some  moisturizer, which ideally contains shiny particles. Apply face cream, then the foundation. Put on the bronzing powder . If during this time the hair has dried somewhat, but they are still wet, time to prepare your New Year’s Eve hairstyle.

Take the styling foam , lower your head down and mould the cosmetic into the hair, while drying the hair strands. This way, you will create  on your head beautiful waves. You can leave them freely  or pin it up. Such a “sloppy” hair is very fashionable these days. Now it is the time to complete your makeup. You do not have too much time to think about what eye shadow will perfectly highlight all the elements of your outfit,  especially if you do not know what to wear. That is why the best solution fir you right now is versatile, elegant black. Makeup a la “smokey eyes” is simple to implement, and it will fit perfectly every styling.

Put the mascara over your eyelashes. With such a strong emphasize on  eyes, you do not have to worry about strong lip color- Just plain, clear lip gloss should be sufficient. Makeup and hair are now ready. It is the time for a dress. If you have not had it prepared beforehand and still do not know what you can wear, opt for a little black dress. When choosing clothes in a hurry you can easily include a slip-up, and a little black is perfect and eternally fashionable outfit for any occasion. To add more sophistication, , choose some interesting accesorries, wear high heels, grab a tiny, elegant clutch and you’re ready to go.

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