How to prepare a barbeque?

Posted: August 25th, 2012 | Author: | BBQ

To prepare a barbeque you need the following items: charcoal, kindling, bellows to fan the flames, scoop, juniper beans or twigs.

The barbeque should be placed in adequate area sheltered from the wind preventing smoke escaping in the direction of people. Next, prepare charcoal and kindling. Remove grate from the barbeque and thoroughly clean its bottom. Pour charcoal into the furnace, but not too much (it may hinder firing). Pour coal with kindling and set fire.To make the job easier, you can use the bellows to fan the flames. If kindling is not available in liquid form, you can ignite a few pieces of kindling, wait until it ignites well, and then add coal. Do not add coal dust into the barbeque, but larger pieces charcoal. Remember about the appropriate amount of air for the fire to kindle. Air supply should be provided.

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