How to plan expenses for the holidays

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The time of Christmas has a devastating impact on the content of our  wallets. If you do not want to greet the New Year with an empty pocket, you can not put off holiday shopping until the last minute. We advise on how develop a Christmas spending plan to save money. Start thinking about the upcoming holidays a few weeks or even months in advance.

bitzcelt / photo on flickr

bitzcelt / photo on flickr

Do not only think, but also put your words into action. The biggest problem during big holiday shopping is that we leave at the store a large amount of money at once. To not feel that loss of money, start saving a few weeks or months in advance, by putting every day or every few days, a small amount of money into the jar. This way you will collect the necessary amount of money without emptying your wallet to the last coin. You can also put the whole amount at once and leave it in your saving account , or pay for a short-term investment. This way you spend money before, but you also get a little extra.

Avoid the Christmas promotions. This is just a marketing ploy, generally prices are not so occasional, sometimes even it turns out to be higher than before! For this reason, the products which have a long expiration date it is better to buy in advance, before the frantic fever Christmas shopping. This does not mean that all the promotions are a fraud. Just watch them closely, so it won’t turn out that you overpay. Do purchases in parts. For example, buy the gifts under the Christmas tree by some deadline and carefully stick to the plan. Be sure also to make a shopping list and gradually cross out what you’ve already bought. This will prevent the neural bustle around the stores at the last minute.

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