How to organize a great New Year’s party at home

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Organizing New Year’s Eve party at your own home, with the participation of best your friends is a great way to welcome New Year. In the first step , make sure that all guests can show up for your event. Think about it at the beginning of planning so you won’t organize a party, and no one will be able to come . Call to your closest friends and best friends and invite them for New Year’s Eve.

fensterbme / photo on flickr

fensterbme / photo on flickr

If you have more time, you can send original invitation cards . If not, stay with calls and e-mails. Precisely specify their preferences . If you want to give your apartment a little New Year’s Eve character, use the appropriate decorations. Buy a lot of colorful balloons, funny hats for New Year’s Eve , and streamers. Decorate your apartment with colorful lights. Ideally, place decorations on the ceiling in order to leave a lot of room for dancing.

Attach them well, so that after first 5 minutes into the party everything will not land on the floor. If you do not have time to prepare food, ask the invited guests to bring one dish each. You can also have a fundraiser for snacks and drinks. Use colorful plastic plates and cups. You will add a cheerful mood and it saves you the trouble with washing the  dishes. Welcoming New Year is usually accompanied with  alcohol. If you would like your event to have  a wide variety of drinks, but you lack the money for it, ask your guests to bring something with you. You can take care of the supply in champagne and possibly beer. As for the music, the safest will be choice of the most popular hits.

Unless we all agree with the guests for a different repertoire. If organizing a themed party, choose the right music for the event. Set your preferences with  the outfit. You can organize, for example, a costume party, themed party, pajama party, you can ask the guests about putting on  super chic costumes. It all depends on your idea of the whole event. Original costumes for sure will add the character. Also, make sure that your guests have a safe return home after party and think to which of them you can offer accommodation. Note that catching a taxi in New Year’s Eve is almost impossible.

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