How to match a wedding dress to your figure

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Marriage is one of the most important events in life, so it’s no wonder that every woman wants to look most beautiful on that day. Choice of the perfect wedding dress is not so simple.  The perfect dress is the one that is suited to your figure as if it was sewn especially for you. It should cleverly emphasize your feminine strengths and cover up any shortcomings.  Before you set off to look for it, read how to match a wedding dress to the type of figure.

Khánh Hmoong / photo on flickr

Khánh Hmoong / photo on flickr

Enriched by this knowledge you will quickly find the best, dreamed dress. At the beginning you need to consider carefully your figure and decide what is worth showing, and what would be better to mask. The most popular types of female figure is pear, apple, hourglass and inverted triangle. If you think you have too broad hips with a narrow upper body, you’re probably a pear. You should therefore focus primarily on highlighting your female indentation at the waist. The easiest way to cover wide hips is to opt for a traditional  flared dress with a corset.

Forget the tight outfits tailored to the body, so that you will achieve the exact opposite intended effect. If your shapes can be described as full and there’s  no clear indentation at the waist and for that you have broad shoulders? Your type of  figure is an apple. You will  present best in a dress with a simple fashion with vertical cuts, free of unnecessary ornamentation in the form of embroidery, lace, sequins, beads. The material should be soft and loose, flowing through the body, not run over it. Choose a gown of V-shaped with an optical slim silhouette.  Avoidstripes, especially those thin, which also extend your arms. To be disguised, choose a dress with wide, ethereal sleeves or bolero intruding on his shoulders.

Your problem is massive arms with a rather lean silhouette? So your type of figure is inverted triangle. You need to focus on that to turn the attention away from the upper half of the body.  So pick dresses with interesting striking bottom and modest upper part. The dress should consist of two sections, wherein the bottom is meant to seem “heavier”. Avoid any creases around the shoulders and too tight puffy sleeves as the fire. You are really lucky if your silhouette resembles hourglass shape – you have full hips and breasts and beautiful women waistline. Decide on a wedding dress that beautifully highlights your feminine shapes. You will present great in both, the flared and adapted models. This type of figure best emphasizes American-style neckline,  fastened around his neck and bare backs.

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