How to make yourself a T-shirt

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None of us likes the situation when a girl on the street walks dressed in the same T-shirt. Each of us wants to be original and unique. A great idea is, therefore, to design your own design on the shirt. It’s very simple. Learn more about how to make yourself a T-shirt print. The simplest step is to design a pattern on your computer in the graphic software and bring it to the screen printing place, and they will do all the rest for you.


Mohammed Nairooz / photo on flickr

Mohammed Nairooz / photo on flickr

But why waste your money and a lot of fun, since you can do it all by yourself? The print will look exactly the same, and you will save money. The materials that will be needed are: the printer, iron, scissors and thermo transferable paper. You can ask for it in a  craft store or order by the Internet. The next step is to prepare the pattern that we want to put on a shirt. And here is you have a chance to show your talent and creativity and design something truly original, using a graphics software program.

However, if you found somewhere already a favoritepattern, or do not have time for doing it yourself, you can take ready to use pictures or inscriptions. When the design is complete, you need to print it. Afterwards, cut out the picture so that you leave a narrow strip around the margin. Put your shirt on the ironing and iron it until the surface is perfectly smooth. Then, hold the on the shirt a transferable paper and place on top of  it  put a thin sheet paper of paper. Very carefully press firmly your hot iron. Custom printed shirt shouls be performed using acrylic paint or a special dye for fabrics. Printing with this method will become permanent and will not disappear after putting t-shirts into the washing machine.

Let’s start with the preparation of the design. These are the two methods – you can cut it with a paper template or simply paint it by hand with a brush. While deciding on the template, you need to note that it should adhere well to the shirt, so it’s best to do it on the adhesive paper. Now we need to paint. Place iron  pressed T-shirt on a flat surface. In the middle, insert cardboard so the paint will not get through the material. Attach to the T-shirt previously prepared template.. You will achieve the most uniform effect if you use a spray paint. You can also spread the paint with a roller. When the pattern has been applied to the T-shirt, It remains only to  Fix it. Iron carefully the graphics on both sides the T-shirt.

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