How to Make Your Own Spa at Home

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

It isn’t necessary to leave and to spend much money in order to spend a day in SPA. it turns out that it is possible to create a home SPA in the sheltered place of your own bathroom. It will be sufficient to find some time for oneself and to devote itself to full relaxation.


Taking care of the appropriate cover and the atmosphere are very important. It will be sufficient to tidy the bathroom up, to light aromatic candles andinclude favourite, mood music. Prepare soft towels and the dressing gown.


When our home SPA is already prepared, let warm water in into the bathtub, add a few drops of aromatic oil to it, depending on the mood. If you want to give yourself energy, citrus oil and lavender works best when it comes to relaxing. We can also prepare a nutritious treatment for ourselves with the use of milk and honey. For that purpose mix a litre of boiled milk up with ½ of the glass of honey. Such a bath great will nourish, smooth and moisturize the skin.


After the bath it is worth doing the thorough exfoliation for yourself. It will cause that the skin will take on new brilliance, will be toned up and prepared for absorbing cosmetics .


Next reach for the favourite body lotion and slowly, exactly massage the body with it. After massage put the soft dressing gown on, put moistening mask on the face and devote yourself to full relaxation among sounds of your music.

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