How to make a trendy and original bracelet

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The bracelet is a great addition to an outfit, and it can be easily done by by yourself, without a need to spend a fortune at the store. In this article you will learn how to make fashionable and original bracelets. Here are some interesting ways. Bracelet, made of ribbon can be an interesting decoration, both for everyday and evening wear. You do not need special ability to create it, and the effect is really impressive.

ashley rose, / photo on flickr

ashley rose, / photo on flickr

You only need  thicker ribbon, slightly narrower ribbon, thread at the same color, a needle, scissors and decorative clip or button. Now you are ready to start. Make the bow of the ribbon any size and shape it . Cut the desired cable length, depending on how thick you want to make a bracelet. Sew thefold in half, exactly in the middle of the sew long bow. One end of the ribbon fields put in the loop and sew her with decorative button. Then hold the bow to wrist in a place where you want it to be. Now wrap tie around the wrist, perfectly tight, but not too tight. Mark the end of the ribbon without the button at this point and sew the loop, so that the wide button can go through it without a problem. Cut needless end.

Circle a tie wrap bracelet around wrist and put a loop on the button. A common element, used to make bracelets are beads. Not surprisingly, colorful beads are inexpensive, yet effective. We advise how to make a trendy and original bracelet with beads and embroidery floss. Besides medium-sized beads you will only need a thicker, colored embroidery floss, scissors and a bit of time. Cut three long pieces of floss and tie them firmly together in one place right at their ends. Then begin to braid, and a few centimeters thread the bead on the center cord. Weave each threading bead, until you reach the length of the bracelet that interests you. Once you are near to the end, do not add more beads,  only braid the tail, as at the beginning. How about a bracelet made of  sequins? It will definitely be an interesting complement to your outfit on party.

You need to have a broader, satin ribbons selected color sequins on tape, button and thread in the same shade, needles, adhesive and fabric scissors. Cut the tie to the length corresponding to the circumference of your wrist plus an additional half an inch. Fold tips and staple the ribbons together. Attach sequins adhesive fabrics tape, taping strips, so that slightly overlap one with another. When gluewill dry, sew the button at one end and do the corresponding loop. Ready!

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