How to make a nice new year’s eve makeup for blondes

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On the last evening of the year, each of us wants to look special. The key to beautiful appearance is not only the creation and selection of appropriate hairstyles, but also make-up. Not all of us know how to make it fit perfectly to their  beauty. In this article we present the most interesting ideas of New Year’s Eve makeup for blondes.

joshuahoffmanphoto / photo on flickr

joshuahoffmanphoto / photo on flickr

The first proposition is aimed for blondes delicate beauty, and their cool shade of hair and eyes. Hide dark circles under the bright corrector. Place the base with a sponge, perfectly matched to your skin tone. Sprinkle loose face powder, to fix makeup. Shape your with a bronzer: sweep of the brush to the cheekbones, and chin. On the upper eyelid, apply glossy light pink shade. Draw a line, right on the outside corner, highlight with black pencil or eyeliner. Rub a dash of plum eye shadow. Distribute the shadow on the collapse of the upper eyelid.

At the inner part of the upper eyelid coat shadow in a pink color and immediately put a little of turquoise glitter. In the middle of the lower eye draw a line, pull it slightly out of the outer corner of the eye. Very carefully rub the line. Use the eyelash curler and mascara. Highlight eyebrows with brown shadow. Paint your lips with acool shade of pink lip gloss.. If you have a warm type of beauty – peach skin, golden hair, a warm shade of eyes, makeup shown below is perfect for you. Use corrector to cover dark circles and skin imperfections.

Now apply the face foundation in a shade of your complexion. Dust the face with a transparent, loose powder. highlight cheekbones with warm shades of apricot blush. Just beneath the arch of eyebrows, apply an orange shade, rubbing it to the collapse of the eyelid. Below, use  deep purple color, spreading it so it  overlaps slightly with orange shade. Use the black eyeliner or pencil to the upper lash line, gently swinging notch in the outer corner of the eye. Bend eyelash with a curler and put 2 – 3 layers of mascara . Put an apricot colored lipgloss.

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