How to make a fashionable handbag

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Handbag is a very important part of every woman’s wardrobe. This is where we keep all of your treasures and can not imagine leaving home without it. If you want your bag to be original and unique, I suggest you to do it by yourself. This is very easy! If you want to learn how to make a fashionable handbag use one of the following ideas of ours.

erika.tricroche / photo on flickr

erika.tricroche / photo on flickr

Certainly you have in your cupboard at least one pair of old jeans.   Why should they just lie down and take place when you can give them a new life and create from them fashion bag! Spread flat selected pair of denim trousers and cut off the legs right on the pace, so that to create something like mini skirts. Turn on the left side the resulting “skirt”and carefully sew the hem. This will be the bottom of the bag, so you should make sure that the seam was strong, sustainable and equitable. To create a bar to bags we can use jeans-legs we cut before, by cutting strips in length which is interesting for us.

As well, you can use ready-made handles with old handbags, leather strap or rope, for example corals. Selected element on the inner side and sew the bag. The finished bag may be even more decorative – you can sew sequins, patches, beads, make a fashionable tear, or even paint. Large field of maneuver also give loops of “former” pants. You can drag colorful scarf, necklace or belt through them, making your bag will look more interesting and original. It’s a quick and easy way to a beautiful and fashionable small bag for the summer.

In order to creae it we will need round straw mat in the selected color, sequins on tape quick-drying glue, scissors, zipper, a piece of cloth, sewing machine. Stick mat with sequins in manner you choose, for example, by creating hoops. Trim zipper with material by using sewing machine and sew piece of materials to the two ends thereof . Select its size and shape , by turning the mat to the left size, making half and putting a lock. Material is to cover the “holes” on the sides. Mark where you want to have a zip and glue it, and then sew on a machine with the sewn material. This action will require a bit of precision and patience, but it is worth a little sweat to achieve great effect.

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