How to look fashionable at a mature age

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Fashion does not have any age restrictions. Each of us can dress up in accordance with the latest trends and look attractive. However, many mature women, who want to be trendy make a big mistake, imitating the style of a teenager. If you want to learn how to look fashionable at a mature age, read our tips. Did you know that you can add or subtract a few years of using color clothes thatyou put on yourself?

Neil. Moralee / photo on flickr

Neil. Moralee / photo on flickr

This anti-aging properties are primarily bright colors, pastel. So ladies of mature age should wear clear “up”, so that the face will become fresh and light, and her features will lessen clearly. Trendy colors of the season are shiny beiges, grays, creams. At the top are also saturated, juicy colors, However, these are only suitable as an accent around the outfit, for example, in handbags and brooches. When it comes to designs, by far flowers are on the top. Highly recommended are the graphic designs, Vichy-style grille, checked and spotted.  The latter’s better to wear in moderation, as the mature lady can look quite infantile. Lightness and ethereal figure will add delicate fabrics, soft flowing through the body.

Instead, wear clothes, made of thick, rigid material so you better put on a fashionable layering. You should also wear clothing with timeless, versatile denim, but only in a simple form and cut. For example, dress diversifies subtle embellishments in a delicate ruffles at the neckline, bows at shoes. Speaking of shoes, you can look feminine not only wearing the towering heels. In addition, the mature ladies do not look too favorably in this type of footwear. Much trendier shoes are now stable and wedges. You can also completely omit the heel for super-comfortable ballerina. No woman can do without its treasury- handbags. As for the size, do not bother to go to extremes in form of a giant or tiny clutch bag. Best would be medium-sized bag with a classic shape and a subdued color.

Currently, there are fashionable leather suitcases in retro style. The devil is in details. Skillfully selected accessories can do real miracles and subtract quite a few years. Avoid the use of pearls to modern pendants, earrings subtle replace clips, select more avant-garde form of brooches. Experiment with a belt, it can completely change the look of your outfit. Have fun with fashion, but stick together and do not dress up as your own granddaughter.

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