How to look elegant in a short skirt

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It would seem that the mini skirt has little to do with elegance, according to some people wearing it is sometimes inappropriate, or even vulgar. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a short skirt or dress you can also present chic. Want to know how to look elegant in a mini? Read our tips.

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Mini aims to show the pretty, shapely legs. If you have slim legs, but some imperfections in the upper part of the figure, do not choose to suit body dresses. If you have a protruding tummy, opt for a dress cut off the breasts, if broad shoulders – built-in wide, ethereal sleeves. Match miniskirt with a loose, elegant shirt or blouse, skirt bauble – from sticking to the body but  not too tight on the upper side. When wearing a mini skirt,  others will pay attention to your legs so give up deep necklines. Especially if you want to look elegant, like a lady. Mini outfit is elegant with all muted colors, not with unnecessary ornamentations, simple design and style goes the best with mini.

Of course, that style should not present too boring and trite. In order to avoid it, try to match other parts in moderation.  Mini skirt or dress you can wear not only for parties.  Contrary to appearances, it presents well also in the office or on the official parties. In such places, however, we advice the slightly longer version. The mini is considered to be any length from the knee up.  When you work at the office, high-waisted pencil skirts look better. Preferably in colors – black, gray, navy blue. Set it with an elegant shirt, matt tights and classic highheels, then you will look parfect at the office. For a party you can put on a mini satin skirt, simple,  elegant sweater and chic heels. Mini can be worn on various occasions. So do not hesitate to put it on from time to time,  allowing others to enjoy your beautiful legs.

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