How to look beautiful in a dress

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Dress is the most feminine item of clothing. So try to wear it as often as possible in order to emphasize your shapes. However, in order to present a truly stunning in it, you need to follow a few important rules. So if you want to learn how to look beautiful in a dress, be sure to read this article. The most important thing is to match style of dresses to figures.

Taylor Dawn Fortune / photo on flickr

Taylor Dawn Fortune / photo on flickr

The current fashion is merciful for the owners of  wide hips, there are also trendy dresses with spreading, trapezoidal bottom, which helps to hide cleverly extra weight around  hips and thighs. At the same time highlight your strengths – you will require deep neck and waist. Helpful in shaping the figure with belt  placed in the waist or under the bust. Ladies of filigree silhouette look good in short dresses cleaved under the breasts, as well as dresses – tubes. It is mandatory to compare them with pins that give a few extra inches of growth. If you have a rather masculine body, you should focus on highlighting your shapely legs, and masking the massive shoulders. Forget the tubes and necklines – boats.

You will however look beautiful in a narrow, short dresses with built-top. If you have already chosen a suitable for your figure style of dresses, purchase also accessories. It all depends on whether it is an  evening, or more a daily dress. For evening or to cocktail dress  elegant high heels are necessary. For the casual dresses you should obtain  more comfortable shoes, but they should have at least low heel. When it comes to jewelry,  it is better to not overdo with it, and if the dress is already richly decorated,  you can even dispense with unnecessary ornaments. Modest dress can be highlighted by large earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Decide on one, up two ornaments.

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