How to hide crooked legs?

Posted: July 7th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Crooked legs are most easily hidden under a long dress or skirt, or wide plus fours, harem pants or genie pants – these can be either long or ending below the knee, but there might not always be an opportunity to wear such an outfit.

In that case it is essential to avoid clothing even further emphasizing the shape of your legs which is close to an X or an O. it is also important to pay attention to the shoes we pick. Avoid shoes that end at the point where our legs begin to divert from a straight line. Forget about shoes that end at the ankle or covering the ankle, whether it’s entirely or only with a decorative strap, and ending in half calf.

To hide the curves of your legs you can also wear a skirt or dress above the knee, preferably A line. With crooked legs we should remember that it is often not as bad as we think it is and we should ask the opinion of someone around, because if Kate Moss was focused on the shape of her legs she would have surely had no self-esteem to become a top model.

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