How to have a beautiful hairstyle to welcome the New Year

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New Year’s Eve is a very special evening of the year, we farewell  the old year and welcome the new one. Regardless of whether you plan spending that night at the ball, party with friends, or at home, you should take care of your hairstyle. We present the latest styles for the coming year.  Fashionable, elegant, yet versatile and simple hairstyle is a bun.

Pink Sherbet Photography / photo on flickr

Pink Sherbet Photography / photo on flickr

It is suitable for lavish balls and simple house party with friends. This hairstyle is a chic and comfortable at the same time, which is just ideal for New Year’s Eve. There are many ways of up do’s , and they all depend on your hair type and face shape. Bun can be both simple and fancy. Smoothly combed bun will add style and class, and  a little messy one will subtract age, and add a girly charm. Very trendy nowadays are the braids, both elegant and in girly edition. If during the New Year’s Eve you want to completely change your hair color, never decide to use a permanent dye.

The results of such a reckless coloring can get you to hide your hair under the wig. By the way, the wig is a good idea for New Year’s Eve fun, you can choose from both natural and completely cool colors. However, the wig has one drawback – New Year’s Eve madness can make you extremely hot, and sweaty. The ideal solution would be to use the washable shampoo dye. They are also available in some crazy colors, but after wash you will be able to return to an everyday hair color. Very trendy are also natural hairstyles, and the loose hair. This does not mean, however, you forget about any styling. Use a curling iron to enhance your natural curls or waves, or straight your hair by using mask and a hair straightener. The point is, that hairstyle you present should be most natural, and elegant.

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