How to grill white sausages with cheese?

Posted: August 23rd, 2012 | Author: | BBQ

You can add lavender stalks to grilled meat, which sharpen its taste. Another interesting idea is to add Frankincense (Olibanum – Boswellia resin) or other resins to embers.

Embers can be sprinkled with herbs or tea leaves to add flavour to grilled dishes and repel insects. Rosemary, sage, mint, and catnip give very nice aroma. Catnip also repels mosquitoes and other insects. A few leaves of black currant or juniper sprigs can be placed on the grill to make meat more aromatic. Food needs to be placed on a grate only when coal is hot. From the moment you kindle the fire you should wait for about 45 minutes. Before grilling it is worth to buy sprayer with water. It will be required to extinguish fire, when the fat from the meat starts to burn. When grilling meat, you have to rub it every now and then with marinade or olive oil. Then it is more tender and juicy.

White sausages can be grilled with slices of potatoes and onions. You can serve them, for example, with tomato salad with garlic and lettuce. White sausage is a Polish delicacy. The most common are spiced white sausages, raw or steamed, made of mixed pork and beef in a natural thin pork intestine. White sausage is finger-licking delicious with horseradish or red cabbage in vinegar.

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